Increase Awareness and Understanding for Differentiated Product

UltiMed has developed a product called Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack—a part of its UltiCare product line—that provides a safe, secure, and convenient receptacle for new and used pen needles.

The Challenge

A priority market for UltiCare is the retail pharmacy market. To capture an increased share of this target market, UltiMed needed to develop clear, compelling marketing messaging and a research-based, measurable, proactive marketing strategy and plan focused on efficiently and effectively achieving key targets for the UltiCare brand’s most differentiated product, Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack.

Toward this end, UltiMed teamed with FrogDog to gain strategic marketing consulting and support to help it assess, analyze, and define the retail pharmacy market for UltiCare; shape the value proposition for Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack, including developing effective marketing messaging; determine the best way to raise this target market’s understanding of the product; and create and then implement an efficient and measurable marketing program.

FrogDog Solution

To achieve its objectives for Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack with retail pharmacies, FrogDog began with a research, strategy development, and plan creation phase:

  • performing a marketing audit and analysis (assessing the current status quo)
  • conducting primary and secondary research that included
  • market analysis,
  • competitive landscape analysis,
  • audience analysis, and
  • target audience definition and segmentation
  • developing core key marketing messages, including mapping messages across key target audience subsections
  • building a campaign tactical plan to measurably deliver the key messages to the defined target audiences

Upon UltiMed’s approval of the strategy and plan, FrogDog transitioned into the implementation phase of the campaign. During this phase, FrogDog implemented the completed and approved strategy and plan for marketing the Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack to retail pharmacies.

Throughout the marketing plan implementation, FrogDog reviewed and analyzed the work’s progress against goals and adjusted tactics and delivery as necessary to achieve UltiMed’s objectives.

The Results

FrogDog and Ultimed chose a brand awareness strategy for The Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack. The campaign began with a baseline of zero awareness of the product among the target market.

After only nine months of implementation, the campaign resulted in the following expansion of the product’s visibility to the target market:

  • Millions of impressions across digital marketing tactics targeted to retail pharmacists and retail pharmacy staff
  • An increase in visitors of more than 250 percent year over year to the brand’s digital assets
  • An ad buy that expanded reach to the target audience well beyond budgetary possibilities
  • Nearly double the organic search traffic for the brand
  • Hundreds of pharmacies nationwide requesting sample kits

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FrogDog created a series of advertisements to run in key places throughout the campaign, employing research-based creative direction and key marketing messages.

Minisite and landing pages

To serve the traditional and digital marketing tactics employed in the campaign, FrogDog developed a minisite and a series of landing pages with key calls to action.

Conference exhibit

FrogDog developed an UltiMed presence at pharmacy-directed tradeshows to carry through the campaign creative and messaging.

Sample kits and promotional materials

To support the campaign across its many facets and increase orders and dispensing at the pharmacy level, FrogDog created a series of promotional materials and a sample kit for sharing with pharmacies nationwide.

Updated label design

FrogDog refreshed the design of the UltiGuard Safe Pack's labels.

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