Marketing Minute: What a Restaurant Meltdown Shows about Branding and Customer Service


L: Hi I'm Leslie Farnsworth

B: And I'm Bobby Jaffe

L: And this is FrogDogs Marketing Minute.

B: So the other day we were in the office talking about Amy's Baking Company social-media meltdown that happened a few weeks ago. And then subsequent to that, when a food journalist went in there to dine had a fruit fly energy drink, complained to the owner, and the owner promptly kicked her out. So that got us thinking how does customer service relate to the brand?

L: How does it?

B: Well every brand should have a brand promise and what that brand promise really does, is it creates the personality of the company. Customer service needs to tie into that brand promise so that the experience that a customer is having is consistent with the promise that the company is making.

L: Absolutely. how can companies play their brand through their customer service, Bobby?

B: Well it takes a lot of planning. There are multiple touchpoints that you have as a company with the customer. There's your in-person experience: When I go to the gate at an airport the experience that that agent should be giving me should really tie back into that brand. There's the phone experience: When I call with an issue, how that customer service representative deals with my problem should tie back into that brand promise. Also, there's your online experience and this isn't limited to just a website, it also nowadays encompasses your social media and how a company is interacting with its followers.

L: All those touchpoints are absolutely critical.

B: The one thing you got to really remember about customer service is it's the most personal touchpoint a company is going to have with a customer. You need to make sure that that experience ties back into the brand promise that that company is making.

L: Want help ensuring your brand plays through your customer service? Give FrogDog a call.