Before you invest money in marketing tactics, take the time to make sure you truly know your target audience, the messaging that resonates with them, and develop a plan of action.

Discover Your Competitive Advantage

What’s happening in your market? How well do you know your target market and its key audiences? Are you sure you know what your competition is doing? Have you made an educated, informed decision about your company’s competitive strategy and positioning? FrogDog can help.

Marketing Audits Market Analysis
Competitive Analysis Audience Analysis

Gain Storytelling that Captivates and Compels

What’s your value proposition? What makes you different? What makes you better? What should you tell your target audience and how should you say it to win their attention—and business? With FrogDog, you’ll tell the right tale.

Audience Persona Development Key Marketing Message Development
Value Proposition Development Storytelling Creation

Get Your Marketing Roadmap

Do you know how to achieve your business goals through marketing? Do you know how to get the word out—while staying within your timeline and budget? Do you how you’ll measure marketing to ensure progress? With FrogDog, you will.

Marketing Goal Development
Marketing Strategy Development
Marketing Plan, Timeline, and Budget Development
Marketing Measures and Metrics Development

Tap into Decades of Marketing Expertise

What should you invest in marketing or sales? Is this the right marketing plan for your company? How much should you budget for marketing? Which marketing candidate should you hire? How do you manage your marketing team? Do you need a chief marketing officer? With FrogDog, you get answers.

Marketing Advisory for Senior Leadership
Marketing Strategy and Plan Reviews
Marketing Benchmarks and Measurements
Marketing Department Assessments