Decision Tool: What Do I Need For Marketing?

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Marketing to other businesses differs from marketing to consumers.

Though B2B and B2C companies use the same marketing principles, the angle of your marketing messages, your marketing channels, your marketing assets, and the content of your marketing will differ depending on your audience.

Marketing is not "set it and forget it."
Creating a website and a few other marketing assets will not result in marketing success. Marketing assets need to evolve over time and based on results and they need consistent delivery via marketing channels that you've developed, matured, and maintained. And so forth. For marketing to truly succeed for your company, you must make it an every-single-day priority.

Marketing requires several skill-sets and extensive expertise.

Effective marketing requires mastering different skill sets, each of which presents its own learning curve and time commitments. Further, marketing constantly evolves, making continuing education in marketing tools, techniques, and know-how critical to marketing success.

Marketing success means knowing when to get help.

Most companies don't feel it makes sense to keep several people on staff dedicated to marketing nor do they wish to have their leadership use their limited time to learn and execute marketing on a daily basis. Most of our client companies found us after wishing they could wave a magic wand to have someone take over their marketing and improve its performance. FrogDog's marketing packages take care of all your ongoing marketing needs.

We Know What You Need

Based on your responses, you need FrogDog's Pro marketing program.

Our Pro marketing plan covers all of the day-to-day marketing a B2B company needs to maintain and grow its business.

For a checklist of what you need to do to succeed at marketing, use the download link below. For help getting your marketing done right, request a consultation via the inquiry button


Marketing Audit Included
Market Analysis Included
Voice & Tone Guide Included
Marketing Messages Included
Marketing Calendar Included
E-mail Marketing Platform Management Included
Market Research --
Comprehensive Marketing Strategy & Plan Development --
E-mail Marketing Templates 2 per year
Custom Landing Pages 2 per year
Content Development with On-Page SEO 6 per year
E-mail Marketing Campaigns 18 per year
E-mail Marketing List Management Included
E-mail List Building Included
Social Media Management --
Digital Advertising Campaigns --
Sales Materials --
Trade Shows & Events --
Print, Direct Mail, and Broadcast Advertising Campaigns --
Website Maintenance Included
Marketing Activation for CRM & Sales Teams Included
Real-time Marketing Coaching & Consulting 12 hours per year
Weekly Activity Reporting Included
Monthly Metrics Reporting & Analysis Included
Quarterly Custom Analytics Reporting and Analysis Aligned with Corporate Strategic Goals --