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Sharps Compliance has developed new approaches to medical waste management services that help increase efficiency and lower costs while helping its clients stay regulatorily compliant. Well ahead of the latest rules around unused medication disposal, Sharps developed a product called MedSafe to provide secure collection and proper destruction of unused drugs.

The Challenge

MedSafe had an expanding set of market opportunities at the project’s initiation, including the possibility to address new rules that provide for collecting unused medications, plus controlled substances, in a DEA-approved drop box in hospital and retail pharmacies, drug treatment facilities, long-term care facilities, and licensed law enforcement offices.

Of these target markets for the MedSafe brand, the retail pharmacy space appeared to be the company’s prime immediate opportunity; retail pharmacies of interest included hospital and health system pharmacies, freestanding retail pharmacies, and mass-market and grocer pharmacies. To capture these prospects, Sharps Compliance needed help to develop and execute a research-based, measurable, proactive marketing strategy and plan focused on efficiently and effectively achieving key targets for the MedSafe brand.

Toward this end, Sharps Compliance enlisted FrogDog to provide strategic marketing consulting and support to help it assess, analyze, and define its target markets for MedSafe; shape the value proposition for this brand’s offerings, including developing effective marketing messaging; determine the best way to raise its target markets’ understanding of this brand’s offerings; and create and then proactively implement an efficient and measurable marketing program.

FrogDog Solution

FrogDog started with a strategy and plan development process to

  • assess, analyze, and define which pharmacy-market segment presented the best opportunity for an initial marketing push;
  • craft the value proposition for MedSafe; and
  • determine the best way to raise its target market’s understanding of its offerings, raising awareness and understanding of the MedSafe solution.

FrogDog’s deep analysis of the market landscape, including a competitive analysis, audience analysis and segmentation, and market analysis—in the context of MedSafe’s capabilities and its marketing goals—drew a recommendation to focus a hard marketing push for the first twelve-month implementation into independent pharmacies across the United States.

Once Sharps Compliance approved the market focus areas and FrogDog’s twelve-month, multifaceted direct-marketing strategy and plan, FrogDog put it into action through a coordinated implementation effort. The implementation involved the following tactics:

  • Multitouch, varied-media direct-mail campaign with specific calls to action
  • Digital info-session meetings with interested pharmacy owners to share information, ideas, and encourage group discussion
  • Digital advertising in trade publications and on state and local association websites and e-mail communications
  • Print advertising in trade publications and local community papers in targeted areas
  • National association involvement that included sponsorships at levels that provided contact data and other direct access to the target audience
  • State-level association involvement across seven states within which FrogDog’s analysis indicated that MedSafe had the greatest opportunity for near-term adoption; sponsorships included advertising, direct mail, and direct access to the target audience, including contact data

The Results

  • Built the MedSafe brand into the common-use term for drug disposal kiosks—the pinnacle of branding success
  • Drove over 11,000 visitors to the MedSafe pages of the company website and 8,000 visitors to MedSafe landing pages—a visitor increase of nearly 60 percent year over year
  • Generated nearly 1,500 responses from the target audience
  • Created nearly 300 qualified leads for the sales team to pursue—a growth of over 60 percent in sales opportunity created year over year

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Print Ads

FrogDog created a series of print advertisements for national and state-level publications directed at pharmacy leadership.

Digital Display Ads

FrogDog created a series of digital display advertisements for national and state-level publications directed at pharmacy leadership.


FrogDog created a series of e-blast advertisements, which it distributed through national and state-level publications directed toward pharmacy leadership.

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