Craft and Execute a Research-based Strategy and Plan for a Complex Health Care Offering

Shearwater Health is fast-growth company that offers nurse staffing and clinical-process outsourcing (CPO) solutions that leverage its established base in the Philippines to increase its clients’ service delivery while decreasing the cost of their operations.

The Challenge

The company’s clinical-process outsourcing offering has extensive opportunities in the marketplace for its core services, which address the needs of group-health organizations, large provider groups and hospitals and health systems, and disability, workers’ compensation, and property and casualty companies.

To access these opportunities and achieve its objectives, Shearwater Health needed a research-based, measurable marketing strategy and plan focused on efficiently and effectively achieving key targets—and helping to determine on which target markets to focus initial marketing efforts. Then, to stay flexible and agile as the company expanded, it needed a plug-and-play implementation team to put the plan into action in concert with its existing marketing staff.

FrogDog Solution

FrogDog started with a strategy and plan development process to

  • assess, analyze, and define two top-level target markets for an initial marketing push;
  • craft the value proposition for its CPO offering; and
  • determine the best way to raise its target market’s understanding of its offerings, raising awareness and understanding of Shearwater Health’s solution.

FrogDog’s deep analysis of the market landscape, including a competitive analysis, audience analysis and segmentation, market analysis—in context of Shearwater Health’s capabilities and its marketing goals—drew a recommendation to focus a hard marketing push for the first twelve-month implementation into the following two markets: pharma and life sciences and large provider groups and hospital and health systems.

Once Shearwater Health approved the market focus areas and FrogDog’s eleven-month, multifaceted direct-marketing strategy and plan, FrogDog put it into action through a coordinated implementation effort. The implementation involved the following tactics for the two separate target markets:

  • Display advertising, search advertising, and retargeting campaigns designed to drive viewers into the Shearwater Health marketing funnel
  • Content to capture and retain attention and draw contacts through Shearwater Health communications
  • Landing pages tied to specific campaigns and campaign components, to control and shape the target audience’s experiences with Shearwater Health
  • Subsections of the company’s main website tailored to each target audience with specific content that included case studies, articles, graphics, and white papers
  • Marketing automation based on if-then decision trees to lead contacts down marketing paths tailored to their areas of interest and to drive conversations with Shearwater Health about specific areas of opportunity
  • Leave-behind overview materials for the sales team to use when marketing-driven conversations dropped into the sales funnels
  • List maintenance and growth activity to build a database of targeted contacts for the marketing funnel

The Results

FrogDog’s strategy + implementation effort achieved significant success for Shearwater Health:

  • Created a new digital face for Shearwater Health through helping restructure the company’s overall website and developing subsections of the site for the two markets on which our initial efforts focused
  • Prepared new leave-behind sales sheets for each of the two markets to support the Shearwater Health team’s efforts
  • Developed articles and high-quality content to draw the target audiences through the marketing funnel and into the sales funnel for both markets
  • Set up marketing automation platform and scrubbed and segmented contact lists for both markets to streamline content marketing efforts and improve effectiveness
  • Created landing pages for each market to provide a continuation of the marketing messaging through the marketing funnel and drive the target audience toward high-impact content behind a content-grabbing “gate,” which drove conversations with the sales team
  • Launched a new market for Shearwater Health, pharma and life sciences, exceeding all goals for interest from a group previously completely unaware of the company and its capabilities:
    • Drove traffic to the website section dedicated to this market at rates that achieved nearly 450 percent of this tactic’s target metric
    • Exceeded expectations through driving 450 percent of the goal set for the target market’s engagement with the marketing automation efforts
    • Grew the company’s list of contacts by nearly 1,250 percent of the targeted percentage
    • Increased interest from the target market through digital advertising campaigns that have achieved over 150 percent of goal
    • Pushed more traffic than expected to the dedicated landing pages developed for this market, at nearly 140 percent of goal
    • Coordinated Shearwater Health’s presence at an industry conference, generating 450 percent of the targeted number of sales conversations
  • Expanded reach into an existing market, the provider market, generating increased awareness, understanding, and interest from the target audience for Shearwater Health’s services:
    • Pushed more traffic than planned to the website section dedicated to this market, achieving nearly 350 percent of goal
    • Increased the list of contacts for this market by nearly 450 percent of goal
    • Built interest through search advertising that exceeded nearly 575 percent of the target engagement percentage
    • Achieved over 130 percent of the targeted number of engagements from the target audience with the digital display advertising campaign
    • Pulled nearly 220 percent of the targeted number of landing page visitors

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High-Impact Content

FrogDog created research reports that served as contact-capturing resources, pulling new prospects into the marketing funnel.


FrogDog created sales sheets for the Shearwater Health sales team to use in conversation with each market. FrogDog designed these sales sheets to align with the marketing effort and ensure consistency of voice and message across the new-client-acquisition continuum.

Advertising Campaigns

FrogDog created advertising campaigns to include digital display ads in targeted publications, search advertising, and remarketing. These ads drew new contacts into the marketing funnel.


FrogDog provided a modern refresh to the web pages for both markets.

Landing Pages

FrogDog created landing pages for each market to serve as a destination for the advertising and marketing automation campaigns. From these pages, visitors submitted contact information to download an exclusive research report crafted by FrogDog.

Marketing Automation

FrogDog developed a marketing automation campaign to feature compelling content that drew people into and though the marketing funnel, generating sales conversations for new and expanded business opportunities.


FrogDog created articles that focused on how Shearwater Health’s services address prospects’ pain points, which FrogDog uncovered in its industry and market analyses.

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