Crafting a Company’s Brand Promise and Key Messages

Since its inception in 1992, PG Professional Golf has grown into the world’s largest recycled golf ball company, reclaiming, refinishing, and repackaging quality golf balls for direct sales via its subsidiary,, and through wholesale clients, including Walmart and Academy.

The Challenge

To date, PG Professional Golf hadn’t needed much formal branding, messaging, marketing, or communications. A Web site and brand mark have sufficed for the company’s needs—and have worked to help the company achieve its current impressive status in its market space.

Yet to take advantage of additional opportunities and maximize continued growth, PG Professional Golf needed to define its brand promise, values, and attributes and define its story and messages for internal and external audiences. (For more on developing brand promises, click here for our article series on the topic.

FrogDog Solution

  • FrogDog performed and analyzed the results of a detailed staff survey that outlined the company’s current status, its future goals, and how the employees viewed its values and attributes.
  • FrogDog conducted a series of in-depth workshops to help define the company’s brand promise, values, and attributes—the “why” behind what the company does and how it does it.
  • FrogDog conducted competitive research and industry analyses to craft key messages that resonate across PG Professional Golf’s three divisions: Golf-ball reclamation, wholesale sales of recycled balls, and on-line direct-to-consumer sales of quality, hand-selected, recycled golf balls.

The Results

  • FrogDog’s research and workshops developed the following values and attributes for PG Professional Golf: Passion, leadership, integrity, innovation, and relationships.
  • FrogDog’s workshops helped define PG Professional Golf’s brand promise as follows: “To build lasting relationships by exceeding expectations through integrity and a passion for golf.”
  • FrogDog developed compelling key messages for PG Professional Golf: Setting the industry standard, providing what’s wanted when it’s wanted, and having a passion for the game.
  • FrogDog created a “message grid” to illustrate how each of the three key messages speaks to each of PG Professional Golf’s core audiences.

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