Creating Brand Awareness in a Local Market

King Ranch Turfgrass is a Texas-based provider of quality turfgrass. Its product is available wholesale for landscapers and businesses and on a retail basis for consumers through retail stores and on-line with delivery and pick-up options.

The Challenge

King Ranch Turfgrass has successfully sold its products to businesses and wanted to expand its consumer reach. The opening of a new store in Katy, Texas, provided an opportunity for increased exposure. King Ranch asked FrogDog to develop and implement a strategy to raise awareness of the store and the brand among homeowners in the local market.

FrogDog Solution

  • FrogDog's messaging emphasized the wide variety of quality turfgrass King Ranch Turfgrass provides and the company's expertise in helping homeowners select the best option for their lawns and maintain its health.
  • FrogDog created and implemented strategic digital and print tactics to build awareness:
    • Half-page print ads in local publications
    • Local publications promoted the campaign through Facebook and Twitter accounts
    • Prominent web listings with local publications
    • Geotargeted banner ads
    • Leaderboard ads
    • Geotargeted e-mail blast
    • Digital search terms through Google AdWords
  • FrogDog’s implementation had a wide local reach:
    • Multiple print ads delivered to 400,000+ readers in the area
    • Social media mentions on Facebook pages with more than 29,000 fans and Twitter accounts with more than 10,760 followers
    • Prominent listing on a site that receives 140,000+ page views per month
    • E-mail blast sent to 50,000 addresses in the area
    • Over 423,000 impressions from digital banners and AdWords.

The Results

The effort succeeded in helping King Ranch Turfgrass increase visibility and awareness in the Katy area.

  • Overall traffic to the website increased 11 percent from last year.
  • There were 7 percent more users on the website compared to last year.
  • Visitors spent 7.43 percent more time on the website than last year.
  • Website visitors from the Katy, Texas, area have increased by 223 percent over last year. Of these visitors, 77 percent were new to the King Ranch Turfgrass website.
  • Website visitors from Houston have increased by 168 percent over last year. Of these visitors, 72 percent were new to the King Ranch Turfgrass website.

Further, we saw strong buying signals from visitors, including the following:

  • Overall traffic to the "Contact Us" page increased 15 percent from last year.
  • Of all visitors from the campaign, 25 percent visited the "Contact Us" page.
  • Of unique pageviews on the website, 55 percent went to pages displaying specific varieties of grass or pages involved in the checkout process.

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Print Advertisements

Print ads in multiple publications in the local Katy market.

Digital Advertisements

Digital banner ads on multiple publications' websites in the local Katy market.

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