Develop Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan for Targeted Growth

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Employer Flexible started in 2003 as a traditional staffing and executive search firm. The company later expanded to include a professional employer organization (PEO) division.

The Challenge

Prior to contacting FrogDog, Employer Flexible’s marketing efforts had been uncoordinated with little to no measures of success. With the growth in the business, Employer Flexible realized the value of a marketing strategy and a coordinated implementation plan to get the company to the next level in building a stable, profitable, and long-term client base in all target markets. Employer Flexible saw the opportunity to set itself apart from the competition in a fairly undifferentiated industry.

  • Prior to the project, Employer Flexible had never created or executed a strategic marketing plan, depending solely on its sales team to increase revenue. The company understood that to reach the next level, marketing was critical.
  • The company lacked a cohesive message. It would be necessary to clearly identify and articulate what the company does in a way that would be easily understood by people not familiar with the industry and to differentiate it from the competition among prospects aware of PEO offerings.
  • The initiative would require a better understanding of Employer Flexible’s current customers and the reasons behind their purchasing decisions.
  • Relatively new in the PEO space, Employer Flexible had very little brand exposure and would need to establish brand awareness in the Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

FrogDog Solution

  • FrogDog began with an in-depth look at the current marketplace, including competitors, potential clients, and the three markets where Employer Flexible was active.
  • In addition to the marketplace research, FrogDog interviewed and surveyed Employer Flexible’s existing client base to understand the benefit of working with Employer Flexible.
  • This primary and secondary research helped FrogDog
    • define primary targets and secondary targets for the company, taking into account company size, needs, past use of professional employer organizations, and key issues facing management;
    • define key messages of marketing efforts;
    • develop tactics and craft them into a strategic, coordinated marketing mix to achieve greater collective results than any one tactic alone; and
    • develop marketing measures to help refine marketing efforts as the marketing plan played out over a twelve-month time period.
  • In the fourth quarter, the first wave of advertising and direct mail launched in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas, focusing on the three key messages of partnership, transparency, and personality.

The Results

  • Inbound calls to Employer Flexible in the fourth quarter increased by an average of 23.5 percent over call volume in the fourth quarter of the previous year.
  • Web traffic to Employer Flexible's site increased by an average of 37 percent during the fourth quarter over visits logged in the fourth quarter of the previous year.

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Print advertisements focused on delivering messages that FrogDog developed for Employer Flexible’s marketing strategy.

Direct Mail Piece #1

Directed toward prospects who had an existing relationship with a competitor PEO, this direct mail piece focuses on the “transparency” message FrogDog developed based on market and competitor research. The gray cover opens to a blurred page that built-in red glasses bring into focus. This was one of four direct-mail pieces developed for the fourth quarter as part of an integrated, coordinated marketing and advertising campaign.

Direct Mail Piece #2

This direct mail piece developed for Employer Flexible focused on the “fun” message FrogDog developed for the company’s marketing strategy. A lenticular design, the front image on this postcard changes from the sleeping staff to engaged staff as you move the postcard in your hands.

Direct Mail Piece #3

This direct mail piece focused on the “fun” message FrogDog developed for Employer Flexible’s marketing strategy.

Direct Mail Piece #4

This direct mail campaign focused on the “partner” message FrogDog developed for Employer Flexible’s marketing strategy. When opened, the car and crew rise from the page in “pop-up book” fashion.

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