Position a Company as the Thought Leader in its Industry

HealthHelp is the industry leader in specialty benefits management. Its clients administer local, statewide, and national health care plans across the country.

Since 1997, FrogDog has provided HealthHelp with full-service marketing and corporate-communications services, including branding, public and media relations, investor relations, employee relations, and sales support.

The Challenge

In an industry with few players, HealthHelp’s messaging and marketing approach were too similar to those of its competitors. General awareness within the target markets of HealthHelp’s point of difference was also low. HealthHelp needed to better differentiate itself from other industry players by educating the market on the unique aspects of their programs.

FrogDog Solution

  • FrogDog recommended a thought leadership strategy, which would position HealthHelp as the experts in their industry.
  • FrogDog conducted in-depth primary and secondary market research to gain a better understanding of HealthHelp’s competitors, identify their ideal target audiences, and better understand the audiences’ pain points within the framework of the rapidly changing healthcare industry.
  • FrogDog developed new key messages that conveyed HealthHelp’s point of difference to be used for all marketing activities.
  • FrogDog created multiple thought leadership assets in the form of articles, case studies, a white paper, and video which highlighted unique aspects of HealthHelp’s programs, the expertise of its leadership, and the results observed by current clients.
  • FrogDog distributed marketing assets through a targeted email marketing campaign and via social media, including LinkedIn publishing platform Pulse, increasing awareness and understanding of HealthHelp’s programs.
  • FrogDog established dedicated landing pages for all assets to measure the success of each distribution tactic.
  • FrogDog coordinated speaking opportunities for HealthHelp leadership at industry conferences to showcase their expertise in the field.
  • FrogDog conducted industry-wide media relations to publish articles that showcased the nuances of HealthHelp’s programs in order to reach a wider audience.

The Results

  • Total views of the marketing assets develop by HealthHelp exceeded the goal number of views by 190%.
  • Seven articles featuring HealthHelp’s leadership and/or programs were published in various industry publications during the 12-month implementation period.
  • HealthHelp received 4 speaking engagements at national conferences.
  • Distribution of HealthHelp thought leadership assets on LinkedIn through Pulse and various healthcare groups increased the visibility of HealthHelp and its CEO.
  • Thought leadership assets attracted new senior leadership who align with HealthHelp’s vision.

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Thought Leadership Assets

FrogDog developed a number of articles and case studies as well as a white paper and video on topics that showcased HealthHelp's point of difference.

Dedicated Landing Pages

FrogDog created dedicated landing pages for all assets to track interest and measure success.

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