Simplify your ongoing monthly marketing. We can either stand in as a turn-key marketing department or ease the workload of your existing department. Contact us to learn more.

Monthly Marketing Plans Comparison

Below is a comparison of our different marketing plans. If you have any questions about any of our plans check out our FAQs or would like to receive a quote, please fill out this form at the bottom of the page or click here to contact us.

Pro Plan

Pro+ Plan Most Popular

Enterprise plan

Marketing Audit Included Included Included
Market Analysis Included Included Included
Voice & Tone Guide Included Included Included
Marketing Messages Included Included Included
Marketing Calendar Included Included Included
E-mail Marketing Platform Management Included Included Included
Market Research -- -- Included
Comprehensive Marketing Strategy & Plan Development -- -- Included
E-mail Marketing Templates 2 per year 4 per year Unlimited
Custom Landing Pages 2 per year 4 per year Unlimited
Content Development with On-Page SEO 6 per year 10 per year 12 per year
E-mail Marketing Campaigns 18 per year 24 per year 52 per year
E-mail Marketing List Management Included Included Included
E-mail List Building Included Included Included
Social Media Management -- Included Included
Digital Advertising Campaigns -- Basic Comprehensive
Sales Materials -- -- Comprehensive
Trade Shows & Events -- -- Comprehensive
Print, Direct Mail, and Broadcast Advertising Campaigns -- -- Comprehensive
Website Maintenance Included Included Comprehensive
Marketing Activation for CRM & Sales Teams Included Included Comprehensive
Real-time Marketing Coaching & Consulting 12 hours per year 24 hours per year 52 hours per year
Weekly Activity Reporting Included Included Included
Monthly Metrics Reporting & Analysis Included Included Included
Quarterly Custom Analytics Reporting and Analysis Aligned with Corporate Strategic Goals -- -- Included

Our marketing packages help businesses simplify their ongoing marketing.

From e-mail marketing to website maintenance, FrogDog does all the heavy lifting. We make it possible for companies to free capacity in their marketing departments and can serve as a turn-key marketing department for companies without internal marketing staff.

With over twenty years of experience, we can help healthcare companies like yours grow through quality, ongoing marketing.