FrogDog Conducting Survey on Executive LinkedIn Use

Jun 15, 2015

FrogDog is currently researching how executive-level professionals use LinkedIn. To collect primary research, FrogDog has put together a quick survey, aimed at C-level executives and directors, to assess how often this group is on LinkedIn and which functions they find most beneficial.

We all know that LinkedIn is the primary social media platform for business interactions. Professionals can grow their network by connecting with other professionals, search for or advertise job openings, and use the platform as a lead generation and marketing tool. But which of these opportunities, if any, do C-level executives take advantage of? FrogDog plans to find out.

Please help us by taking the survey and sharing with your colleagues and friends! By providing your email address at the end of the survey, you will receive a free copy of the report once it is complete. The survey closes on August 13.