FrogDog Shifts from the Office to a Distributed Workforce

Oct 15, 2018

After a successful six-month trial period beginning in April 2018, FrogDog made the permanent leap into working as a distributed company as of October 2018.

In its new workplace structure, FrogDog employees work outside the confines of a traditional office and within an enhanced corporate infrastructure of fully cloud-enabled collaboration, file-sharing, software, data, and phone and videoconferencing tools.

FrogDog's shift to a distributed company with a distributed workforce allows it to focus on bringing aboard the best talent, regardless of physical location, and on ensuring results and top-notch execution, rather than on emphasizing hours spent in the office.

"In only six months, we've grown closer as a team through moving to a distributed company format," said Leslie Farnsworth, FrogDog's CEO. "We have to be intentional about communication and collaboration. And our levels of engagement and productivity have skyrocketed, now that people don't spend so much time and energy simply getting to and from work every day. Even better is that we now have a much wider field of candidates when it comes to hiring, given that commute times are no longer an issue."

Interested in working for FrogDog? Check out FrogDog's careers page—or just reach out say hello!