Marketing and Communications Strategy Development Workshop

Jun 17, 2010

Mapping a Clear Path to Business Growth

“This is the best thing that has ever happened for our company. This process has caused us to better define our target audience, determine our differentiators, and refine our messaging. It’s going to help us grow exponentially.” —D’Lea Nichols, Unishippers

You know where your business is today—and where you want it to be tomorrow. But you need a marketing and communications roadmap to get it there.

FrogDog’s intensive marketing and communications strategy development workshop will help you draw that map. Our team of consultants works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to chart a path to marketing success that begins with your company’s business plan and ends with helping achieve your goals.

Our seasoned, specialized professionals walk you through developing a marketing strategy that

  • translates your products or services into stakeholder benefits,
  • differentiates your organization from the competition,
  • crafts memorable messages that move your key audiences to action,
  • aligns your marketing strategy to your business goals,
  • selects the most effective and efficient mix of marketing tactics, and
  • measures results along the way.


To get started on your marketing roadmap, secure your spot in our upcoming workshop by calling 713-862-2505 or e-mailing Space is limited to twelve participants. And, due to the amount of time required from valued FrogDog staff, this workshop will only be offered a few times a year. The fee is $2,495 per registrant.

Upon registration, FrogDog will schedule an informational conference call to review the schedule and discuss expectations for the seminar.


Seven sessions will be conducted over a two-month period. The first session is set to begin September 14 from 2-5 p.m. Dates for the subsequent sessions will be scheduled according to the group’s availability. To accommodate busy schedules, FrogDog will conduct one make-up session per participant.

Session One:

September 14, 2-5 p.m.


Discussion of business goals

Competitor and audience analyses

Session Two:

Competitor and audience analyses

Discussion of strategy, budget, and messaging

Session Three:

One-hour individual consulting session to finalize strategy and messaging

Session Four:

Refine messages for key audiences

Synopses of each plan

Discuss tactics

Session Five:

Discuss tactics

Develop implementation plan

Session Six:

Review final strategies

Discuss results measurement

Session Seven: