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What if I don't need some of the parts of these packages? Can I pick and choose services? 

We created these packages based on our 20+ years of experience observing what our clients need to be doing to be successful at marketing. They are flat packages and all of the elements tie into and relate to one another. While these packages are set, clients can add to them as needed.

These packages are extensive. Does my business really need all everything you have listed?

Short answer: Yes. Marketing a business takes time and there is a lot involved. Social media, content, email marketing, reporting, adjusting, and analyzing--and beyond. These packages are extensive because we have years of experience learning and putting into practice the critical marketing each business must do to succeed.

Why go with one company to do all of these initiatives versus hiring separate companies?

To give you the greatest results from your marketing, all of your marketing initiatives should integrate with and work with your other marketing activity. If you use multiple companies, each company will only look at a piece of the puzzle--not your company's marketing as a whole. FrogDog looks at each marketing element individually, for optimization, and as part of a whole, for overall marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

I would like to run a specific campaign outside of my ongoing marketing, is that included?

These packages accomplish the every day marketing that companies need to do to thrive. We also help businesses run specific marketing campaigns as additions to these packages.

How long is the contract for these packages?

You can sign up for either package on a month-to-month basis or on an annual basis. If you opt for a month-to-month contract, you cannot cancel in the first three months, due to the amount of set-up involved.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! You can pay via ACH or credit card. (We no longer accept paper checks sent via the mail.)

What if I don't want a consultation and just want to sign up for a package?

You are welcome to do this. We like to speak with companies before they sign up to make sure they are selecting the best package for their business goals, but if you know what you want you are more than welcome to just sign up. Please fill out the form below and we will send you the contract within one business day.

I already have a marketing department, but it is overwhelmed. How would you work with my team?

Many businesses want to free time and resources for their current marketing department so they can focus on larger projects and not worry about the day-to-day, ongoing marketing. In these circumstances, we try to position ourselves as an extension of your team.

I don't have any email marketing platform or social media platforms set up. Is this an issue?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you and will get your business set up and up and running. We will get everything set up for you or will optimize the platforms you have already in place.

What kind of reporting/accountability can I expect?

FrogDog sends weekly status update emails and quarterly metrics reports. Also, we have biweekly check-in meetings. In short, we do our best to make our clients aware of the status of their marketing.

We have been marketing but we aren't sure our messaging is resonating with our target audience. Can you help us with our messaging and strategy?

Of course! While messaging and audience research is not included with these packages, many of our clients find that this is valuable to do before they start marketing. To learn more about our strategy services, please click here.

My company is in a very complex and technical industry and we have had a hard time finding a marketing firm who can understand our product/service. Can you help us?

We take a lot of pride in getting to know each of our client's businesses. We have worked with clients in incredibly niche markets and have been able to assist them and successfully help their business to grow.

Our business sells to other businesses, not customers. How do you market to businesses?

Don't worry, we have worked with clients who sell to other businesses (B2B), to individual consumers and clients (B2C), and direct to consumer (D2C). No matter your target audience, we can help your business market successfully.

FrogDog makes working together friction-free, flexible, and fun.

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