Decision Tool: What Do I Need For Marketing?

Question #2

What marketing does your company currently undertake?

Good work! Review the checklist below and let us know whether your company undertakes some or all of the following activities on a regular, ongoing basis when it comes to marketing your products and services.

  • Marketing Foundations:
    Has your company developed and does it regularly review and update its market analysis, voice and tone guide, marketing messages, marketing calendar, and editorial calendar?
  • Website:
    Do you regularly update and add information to your website? Do you ensure that all aspects of your site function as they should on a routine basis? Do you update your CMS and backup your site regularly?
  • Marketing Content Development:
    Do you regularly write articles, create graphics and infographics, develop videos and slideshares, and craft case studies to showcase your company, its work, and its value for your target market?
  • Email Marketing:
    Do you regularly send marketing e-mails to targeted lists of contacts? Do you have custom, branded templates for your e-mail marketing? Do you routinely optimize your e-mail marketing platform to ensure optimal performance? Do you clean and segment your lists regularly? Do you undertake efforts to grow your e-mail marketing lists?
  • Social Media:
    Do you have profiles on at least three social media platforms? Do you update the information on your social media profiles regularly? Do you post on optimal schedules on each of your three platforms, and use posts tailored specifically to each platform? Do you undertake efforts to build your social media reach and increase your followers and fans? Do you engage with your target audience via your social media channels?
  • Digital Advertising:
    Does your company strategically use digital advertising, such as remarketing advertising and social media advertising, to increase your return on investment from your marketing activity?
  • Sales-Marketing Coordination:
    Does your marketing effort regularly involve your sales team, to ensure your marketing is informed by the sales team's insights and experience? Do you provide your sales team with additional sales resources via the materials developed by your marketing team?