What are Marketing and Communications Worth? Measuring Results against Business Goals
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In today’s tight economy, more business leaders say they want to see proof of marketing and communications results, but very few companies hold their marketing departments to the same measurement standards as their sales teams. As a result, many businesses cut back on marketing when they need it the most.

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing and communications may seem daunting, but a meaningful measurement program doesn’t have to be onerous when it

  • closely ties to overarching organizational goals;
  • is built into strategic marketing plans from the ground up;
  • sets significant, realistic targets;
  • establishes a reporting structure and expectations of accountability; and
  • informs a process of ongoing improvement.

This white paper explains how companies can apply a business variation of the scientific method to develop and execute effective marketing measurement programs. The valuable insights gained through this process can be used to adjust subsequent strategies and tactics. More broadly, they can help identify market, customer, and client trends, which in turn may drive new product or service development.

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