From pharmacists to providers, we have worked with health care companies across every part of the industry. Contact us to learn how we can help your company grow.

We have helped health care companies grow their businesses since 1997.

Decades of Know-How, at Your Service
Founded in 1997 to serve the unique and complicated needs of the highly regulated health care industry, FrogDog has worked with companies across the health care spectrum, from payers and providers through to systems, technologies, and services. We understand all the players’ perspectives in the complex health care space.

Gain the Flexibility You Need to Scale
FrogDog’s coordinated marketing team plugs into your organization to provide everything you need for marketing. Need help with strategy and planning and project management? You got it. Need extra hands to build marketing campaigns and manage marketing implementation? Done. Need to address multiple audiences across the health care spectrum? We’re here.

Critical Insights, Delivered
FrogDog designs its marketing to provide critical insights into your marketing’s results—and valuable information on health care business trends and target-audience reactions that can help you improve your products and services and develop new business directions. Our reporting gives you the business intelligence that you need in this multifaceted industry to think ahead effectively.

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