Simplify your ongoing monthly marketing. We can either stand in as a turn-key marketing department or ease the workload of your existing department. Contact us to learn more.

Monthly Marketing Plans Comparison

Below is a comparison of our different marketing plans. If you have any questions about any of our plans check out our FAQs or would like to receive a quote, please fill out this form at the bottom of the page or click here to contact us.

Pro Plan

Pro+ Plan Most Popular

Enterprise plan

Marketing Audit Included Included Included
Market Analysis Included Included Included
Voice & Tone Guide Included Included Included
Marketing Messages Included Included Included
Marketing Calendar Included Included Included
E-mail Marketing Platform Management Included Included Included
Market Research -- -- Included
Comprehensive Marketing Strategy & Plan Development -- -- Included
E-mail Marketing Templates 2 per year 4 per year Unlimited
Custom Landing Pages 2 per year 4 per year Unlimited
Content Development with On-Page SEO 6 per year 10 per year 12 per year
E-mail Marketing Campaigns 18 per year 24 per year 52 per year
E-mail Marketing List Management Included Included Included
E-mail List Building Included Included Included
Social Media Management -- Included Included
Digital Advertising Campaigns -- Basic Comprehensive
Sales Materials -- -- Comprehensive
Trade Shows & Events -- -- Comprehensive
Print, Direct Mail, and Broadcast Advertising Campaigns -- -- Comprehensive
Website Maintenance Included Included Comprehensive
Marketing Activation for CRM & Sales Teams Included Included Comprehensive
Real-time Marketing Coaching & Consulting 12 hours per year 24 hours per year 52 hours per year
Weekly Activity Reporting Included Included Included
Monthly Metrics Reporting & Analysis Included Included Included
Quarterly Custom Analytics Reporting and Analysis Aligned with Corporate Strategic Goals -- -- Included

Our marketing packages help businesses simplify their ongoing marketing.

From e-mail marketing to website maintenance, FrogDog does all the heavy lifting. We make it possible for companies to free capacity in their marketing departments and can serve as a turn-key marketing department for companies without internal marketing staff.

With over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry, we can help healthcare companies like yours grow through quality, ongoing marketing.