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Website Maintenance

If your company is anything like most companies today, your website is your face to the world. A well-designed, high-performing website is a must to conduct business in today’s environment.

Often, companies consider websites and let them sit, treating them as “done.” (Yep, the old “set it and forget it” model.) However, websites today do not function optimally for a business without ongoing adjustment, evolution, and growth.

Best Practices in Website Design and Development

First, you need a solid foundation.

That is where FrogDog's website design and development services come in. We build responsive websites that grow and evolve with your marketing plans. We build each website using a lightweight CMS and with an attentive eye to your other marketing efforts.

Website and Marketing Integration

Digital and traditional marketing efforts tie back to your company website or websites. Therefore, you need a website that suits your branding and market positioning, your overall marketing objectives, and your marketing plans.

FrogDog develops websites with an eye to these mission-critical, big-picture corporate and marketing objectives.

Website Maintenance, Evolution, and Growth

As your marketing efforts unfold and evolve, your website needs to adjust and grow to serve and suit them.

You may adjust your overall corporate and marketing messaging, for example. You may need to restructure information or pages to better suit user behavior. You will want to add content to keep your website fresh, promote your expertise, aid your SEO, and fuel your social media and e-mail marketing initiatives. Your site will need new landing pages to serve different advertising, social media, e-mail marketing, and traditional marketing campaigns.

And beyond.

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