Understanding E-mail Marketing Technologies

Hi everybody! Mitch Gonzales here with FrogDog and in this video we're going to discuss the things you need to know about email marketing technology. Let's go ahead and get started.

First, let's touch on why you need email marketing and email marketing technology in your business. Email is still the highest-performing marketing tactic available today. Email marketing is so powerful, it drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social.

An email is 40-times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. How about this stat: Email marketing has a 4,400% ROI for every dollar spent. Now, that is impressive! You need email marketing as part of your strategy and plan and you need technology to help you implement it.

You're ready to get started! Alright great! But, before you let it rip with emails, let's cover a few types of email marketing technologies that will help you with achieving your goals.

We'll start with marketing automation and CRM marketing. Marketing automation uses marketer created workflows with if-then branching. It includes timelines, content, landing pages, forms, digital advertising, and more to send people information and material based on their actions and their behaviors.

Do not underestimate the complexity and planning needed to accomplish your goals through marketing automation. Think of your marketing automation as a machine that needs to be fed with new content and tied to your other digital properties to bring it all together.

OK, now let's talk about CRM marketing. CRM stands for customer relationship management and the key difference between CRM, and email marketing, and marketing automation platforms rests with the relationship component of the term.

A CRM is at tool that allows companies to better own, oversee, and manage their relationships with their customers. While the CRM is a vital tool most companies use to manage their relationships with their clients, they do not substitute for email marketing and marketing automation. CRM supports your sales team but not your marketing function.

In our email technology white paper we break down how businesses use marketing automation when you don't need marketing automation. And we dive deeper into email and CRM marketing.

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