Recruitment Marketing: Doing Job Fairs Right

Recruitment Marketing: Doing Job Fairs Right

Is a job fair right for your company? How do you present well at one?

Job fairs have long been a popular tactic for recruitment marketing. They provide access to large pools of candidates who are actively searching for work—and a venue in which to meet them face to face for a short and informal interview.

How to Choose a Job Fair

Job fairs can be costly and time-consuming, given the amount of preparation required and the materials needed to stand out in the crowd (especially against larger corporations, if you’re a smaller or midmarket business). Ensure you have the budget, time, and human resources needed.

Ask the following questions to profile the type of job fair that fits your needs:

  1. Are your ideal candidates interested or experienced in your industry or field?
  2. Do your open positions require specific qualifications?
  3. In what location do you need to fill open positions? In other words, what city or part of town would make the most sense for sourcing candidates?

College job fairs are great for reaching out to fresh graduates with a variety of interests. Yet don’t stop your research there: There are job fairs for military veterans, specific industries, given careers, geographic regions, and more.

How to Make a Job Fair Successful

As with many endeavors, preparation is the key to success at a job fair.

  1. Brand your booth or table with corporate collateral, including signs, banners, and promotional products. These set the tone for your company and attract potential candidates.
  2. Prepare a list of job descriptions for open positions and positions likely to open soon.
  3. Have information available on career pathways within your company and your company’s values. These days, employees interview businesses on their culture and opportunities for advancement.

Pick a team of energetic and professional team members to staff your booth or table. In a job-fair setting, the staff representing your business truly is the first impression people have of your company.

Looking for ways to get in front of new customers as well as job candidates? Call FrogDog today!

Posted: Nov 01, 2013
Updated: Oct 10, 2019
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