Why You Should Take Off Your Marketing Hat

Why You Should Take Off Your Marketing Hat

Why it makes sense to let the experts you’ve hired do the job for which you’ve hired them.

For certain disciplines, everyone’s an expert. Even people who’ve never done a single thing in the field.

They just know the right way to do it. Education, training, experience, and results aside.

Trust the Experts

Unlikely that laypeople would tell a foremost hand surgeon how to fix a tricky mess of an injury, yet they’ll gladly tell marketers exactly what they think they should do to achieve their goals.

Likely, they’ll advocate passionately for their positions on what they think marketers should do from a foundation of what they think (“think” being the operative word) has or has not worked on them in the past: “I never read e-mail.” “I’ve never once bought a single thing ever because of advertising.” “I don’t watch videos on-line.”

Even if these are true statements—and we assure you, we’ve heard every single one of them at FrogDog—they may not be true statements for the company’s target audience (who may not be much like the advice-giver).

When these laypeople are colleagues, directors, advisers, or leaders at a company that experienced marketers are trying to help, they’re advising well paid experts hired for their experience on how to do a professional job. They’d be best behooved to let the experts do their work.

Just as they would with the hand surgeon.

The Benefits of Qualified Marketers Marketing

Want to spend good money having experienced, educated professionals simply follow your direction about something you don’t have any experience doing?

We’re guessing you’re saying no. Of course not.

Because if you wanted to hire “yes men and women,” you wouldn’t need people with marketing chops and pay rates commensurate with the experiences they bring to the table.

Fortunately, if you have goals and metrics in place in your marketing function, you can quickly and easily redirect your marketing team if their work doesn’t perform. You won’t be out much time or money if you plan your marketing carefully and measure like you should.

So why not step back, focus where only you can focus, and see what your marketers can do?

Need a Marketing Audit?

Need a qualified fresh eye to review your company’s marketing works—or

doesn’t? Want help getting the marketing basics covered with straightforward marketing packages designed to suit your business needs and achieve your goals? Call FrogDog.

Posted: Mar 04, 2019
Updated: Mar 10, 2020
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