5 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Landing Pages

5 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Landing Pages

5 tips that help companies improve their conversion rates on landing pages and gather more information on interested users. B2B and consumers.

E-mail, digital advertising—even some print advertising—direct mail, and more often invite someone to click or visit a link on the Web to get more information. When they visit that link, they go to what’s called a “landing page.” (Trust us, you don’t want to create a tailored piece of marketing and have it send people to your home page. )

A well-constructed landing page makes all the difference to determining whether you can nurture these people further along your marketing funnel. A poorly developed landing page will lose people immediately. A great one will draw people in and pull them through your marketing messages all the way toward close.

Here are five powerful tips to improve your landing pages and increase your conversion rates:

Be Very Clear

Don’t add mystery. The headline and copy of your landing page should make it immediately clear to the visitor what your product, service, or solution is. Further, the landing page should answer any questions the visitor is likely to have. Confusing information on a landing page is a sure-fire way to cause conversion rates to fall short of goal.

Benefits, Not Features

Sure, your product or service is amazing and one of the best on the market, but how does it benefit the user?

Users want to know how your product will help them. Your landing page should speak directly to the users’ needs—not blather on about how unique you and your product are.

Keep It Simple

Everything about your landing page should be easy to understand and give clear direction as to what you want the user to do.

Trying to be too clever or too creative can lead to confusion, which will hurt your conversion rates. If you want the user to act, make it easy for them to get the information they want and for you to get the information you need to further your marketing goals.

Testing Is Key

As with many things in life, optimizing your marketing efforts is an iterative process: You try things, see how they work, make adjustments, see if they work even better, and keep tinkering until you have a well-oiled machine.

Your landing pages are no different. Slight changes to your headline, message, layout, and images can make a big difference to your results. Just ensure you don’t change too much on each iteration—or you won’t know what specific change moved the needle.

Don’t Lose Track of Your Brand

Trust is important in sales. Having an ad that looks one way and a landing page that looks another way—and having neither one true to your overall corporate brand as represented on your Web site—makes your business look sketchy. Ensure your look, feel, and tone stay consistent across all marketing channels, including your landing pages.

Landing pages provide an essential transition point in the customer’s online journey from targeted message to call to action and information exchange. Doing landing pages properly can lead to higher user engagement and better conversion rates, allowing you to nurture and build your client base.

If your company is looking for guidance in creating powerful landing pages that convert, contact FrogDog today.

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Posted: Oct 04, 2016
Updated: Oct 08, 2019
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