How to Break through the Noise

How to Break through the Noise

With all the noise out there, how do you get your company heard and seen? How can you break through the clutter?

There are more ways for people to get in front of your target audience than ever, from the traditional methods of print and television advertising and billboards and signs and even direct mail to the new-fangled digital media zinging information at people through websites, e-mail, social media, and even text messages.

It’s overwhelming. And it’s not unusual for FrogDog’s clients to feel like they’re going to get lost in the shuffle.

After all—there’s a lot of shuffle.

We wish we could offer you a magic bullet, but we can’t. The closest we can get is to promise that your audience will get your message—if you stick with it.

Repetition is a Key to Marketing Success

Your target audience has a lot going on—including a lot of messages hitting it—at any given moment. Your audience may get your message when you send it, but it won’t truly see or hear it every single time.

You need to repeat your core messages over and over again in multiple variations and on multiple platforms. By some measures, it takes between seven to eight touches before a prospect in your target audience acts. And what they will react to depends on what motivates them to act. Triggers can vary at the individual level, so you need to vary your media and channels as much as you can.

Creating multiple versions of the same message and repeating the message across multiple platforms and channels are essential to successful marketing efforts.

Marketing Results Take Time

Given that you must reach people multiple times for them to truly hear you, and then a few or more times beyond that to get them to act on your message, you need to relax and give marketing the time it needs to work.

The only way to speed up marketing’s results is to shorten the time between messages delivered to your target audience, saturating the marketplace and ensuring your ideal prospect sees you everywhere he or she turns.

And that level of market saturation takes considerable resources when it comes to time and to money.

Successful Messaging Takes Strategy

As few companies have the resources needed to saturate the market, companies that achieve measurable return on investment from their marketing efforts take the time needed to build measurable, research-based marketing strategies and plans that involve multiple and varied marketing touches over an extended time period.

And yes: Taking the time needed to build a solid marketing plan and letting it play out as it should takes discipline and focus.

Stay the Course

You may be sick of hearing the same messages and looking at the same brand and the same campaigns. You may be itching for something fresh and new.

Hold. Your audience is just warming up. You’ve got this.

At FrogDog, we know a thing or two about getting our clients key messages in front of the right people at the right time. Need help with your marketing efforts? Contact us today.

Posted: May 22, 2017
Updated: Oct 07, 2019
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