Infographic: Five Essential KPIs for Recruitment Marketing

Infographic: Five Essential KPIs for Recruitment Marketing

Marketing to recruit the best candidates for your company is money well spent—yet you should still ensure you invest wisely. FrogDog's quick-reference infographic will keep key recruitment marketing KPIs top of mind.

Smart companies invest in recruiting the best candidates for their open positions. And the smartest companies measure the effectiveness and the efficiency of their recruitment marketing investments.

Knowing the five key metrics to assess what works and what doesn’t when it comes to recruitment marketing—and knowing how to adjust your efforts to maximize your return on investment—has made our article about the five essential KPIs for recruitment marketing one of our most popular.

For a quick-reference guide to keep the five KPIs of recruitment marketing top of mind, bookmark this page, save this infographic to your desktop, or pin it to your bulletin board.

FD Info Graphic Recruitment Marketing
Posted: May 19, 2020
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