Ten Top Marketing Questions Answered

Ten Top Marketing Questions Answered

We answer ten questions that will help your marketing.

Questions, we get questions! As happens for someone in any profession, when clients, friends, business contacts, and beyond learn what we do, they all have marketing advice they’d like to get. (Which is flattering!)

Here’s a list of some of the marketing questions we get often—all answered, just for you.

Question 1: How Can I Save Money and Get Results on Search Ads?

It’s easy to create a search ad—but hard to get results and hard not to blow your budget fast. Here’s how to avoid some of the most common search ad mistakes.

Question 2: What’s the Difference between Brand Image and Brand Reputation?

Knowing the difference between brand image and brand reputation will help you work with your marketing team more efficiently and effectively.

Question 3: What’s an Editorial Calendar (and Do I Need One)?

Without an editorial calendar, many companies miss the mark when it comes to their content marketing strategy.

Question 4: What Should I Do to Market My Product or Service?

There are more options for marketing than you may realize—and the right choice for you depends on several factors.

Question 5: I Need to Figure Out the Marketing for My Company. Where Do I Start?

Don’t rush right in to doing “marketing stuff,” whatever you do. Pause and read this article on where to start when you start planning your marketing.

Question 6: Are All These E-mail Marketing Platforms the Same Thing?

They seem like the same thing, but they are not. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between e-mail marketing and marketing automation.

Question 7: Does E-mail Marketing Still Work?

Yes, of course e-mail marketing still works. In fact, it works better than almost any other type of marketing—when done correctly.

Question 8: What’s the Latest on Using Facebook for Marketing?

Facebook—and all social media platforms—change all the time. Here’s an overview of some recent updates from the current giant of social media, Facebook.

Question 9: Should I Invest in Sales or in Marketing?

Short answer: They aren’t the same, so you’re ahead of the game if you at least see there’s a difference. Here’s how to figure out how to parse your sales and marketing budget.

Question 10: What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is more than a few blog posts and social media links. Here are three critical skills for content marketing success.

What marketing questions do you need answered? Contact FrogDog today!

Posted: Nov 12, 2018
Updated: Oct 14, 2019
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