Tips for Successful Holiday B2B Direct Marketing Efforts

Tips for Successful Holiday B2B Direct Marketing Efforts

How can you get in front of your clients during the busy holiday season?

Ah, the fourth quarter! The holidays and a new year are upon us—as are thoughts about how our companies can best position themselves for sales in the year ahead (and before the end of the year, too!).

While B2C companies have obvious reasons to send messages to customers right now, B2B companies should take note as well. This time of year is a perfect opportunity to connect with business partners, vendors, and, of course, current and potential clients. Early in Q4, companies prepare budgets for the year ahead—so the fall is a perfect time to get top of mind.

A well-timed, professional message or a simple, compelling business-themed e-mail can stand out in the inbox when recipients are bombarded with other promotional and retail offers.

Of course, as throughout the year, the content of your holiday campaign should be compelling and relevant. Yet the sense of fun and giving during the holiday season can offer an opportunity to stretch the boundaries of your usual messages.

Consider these themes for your Q4 direct-marketing efforts--and download our infographic with these ideas for your easy planning purposes!

Give Thanks

Your B2B business partners are the cornerstone of your business. Tell them how much your partnership or business with them means to you.

Include animation, links to videos or holiday games, or simply express your thanks in a well-crafted message or small token of your appreciation.

Here at FrogDog, we say thank you to our clients with a personal message and a specialized gift. (In recent years, we’ve given custom frog and dog chocolates. Yum!)

Share Successes and Plans

Share some of your company’s accomplishments over the past year, especially if your partners and clients can benefit from the new features, products, or services.

For example, if you're launching a new Web site in the new year, consider sharing its new navigation and information with our contacts.

Have Fun

The holidays provide a great setting for showing personality. Share whimsical content, provide links to animations and games, or even invite others to generate the goodies included your holiday message. Adding a little fun to the mix is an easy way to create excitement and engage your audience.

Paint the Big Picture

If your company plans to volunteer or make a charitable donation, ask your business contacts to join you. Bonding to make a bigger impact is even more powerful at this time of year and charitable efforts build goodwill and foster positive impressions.

Look Ahead

Do you have useful insight on your industry or your company’s future? Will you introduce new products or services in the upcoming year? Offer your subscribers or clients a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Do you have a plan for your marketing efforts next year? If not, call FrogDog. We're happy to help!

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Posted: Nov 27, 2013
Updated: Dec 04, 2020
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