Using E-mail to Reach Your Goals

Using E-mail to Reach Your Goals

The words you choose for your e-mail subject lines can have a big impact on whether or not someone sees and opens the e-mail.

E-mail has become a staple of our everyday lives, both personally and in business. Because it is such a standard practice for people of all ages, it is no surprise that marketers have been utilizing this medium for years. Maybe you’ve tried e-mail marketing before. Maybe you got great results, maybe you didn’t. As with all marketing tactics, it is necessary to develop and adhere to specific strategies to make this medium work.

Why is E-mail Marketing Effective?

E-mail marketing is one of the easiest tactics for businesses to learn and implement. One of the best features: it’s cheap. Sites such as Constant Contact and Mail Chimp offer low cost and sometimes free e-mail marketing solutions. These sites make it simple to get started sending e-mails to all of your contacts.

There is a much lower risk involved with e-mail marketing versus other marketing tactics. It can be very easy to put most of your marketing budget into an advertising buy and get a small return, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. With e-mail marketing you don’t have to worry about losing your investment in that manner. Yes, if you overload your contacts with e-mails you will alienate them and likely lose them as potential customers. But if you follow SPAM laws and e-mail best practices this can be avoided.

E-mail marketing is one marketing tactic that allows you to have a lot of control and flexibility. You get to choose what the e-mail looks like, what is says, when it gets to your audience, how your audience can respond to it, and more. Having this much control gives you the best opportunity to modify the e-mails based on the response you get. E-mails are one of the best opportunities to utilize A/B testing to determine what your audience responds to best.

Share Your Content

Content marketing is one of the best ways to employ e-mail. Quality content has been leading the way in digital marketing for some time and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Providing your audience with curated content of value can make a big difference.

You have great content on your website, but is your audience seeing it? E-mail is an ideal way to drive people to your website, keep you top-of-mind, and share your quality content. FrogDog implemented an e-mail content campaign that sends e-mails weekly for one of our clients. This alone increased traffic to the website by over 25 percent.

Increasing Sales

E-mail marketing can be a key enhancer for sales. How can e-mail help sales along?

  • By educating your prospects about your company and products or services.
  • By clarifying how the company can help with the prospects’ pain points and/or company goals
  • By keeping prospects moving along the sales funnel

Be sure that you are creating targeted e-mails with a message that will resonate with your audience. E-mails to improve sales need to be:

  • Personalized
  • Educational
  • Relevant
  • Easy to absorb

These e-mails act as support for your main sales pitch. They will build trust and keep your prospects interested in what you have to offer.

Remember, sending e-mails for the sake of sending e-mails will not boost your sales or increase your web traffic. You must have a goal in mind and a strategy in place that is targeted at achieving that goal.

Not sure where to start? FrogDog will work with you on your specific business goals and create a custom strategy to achieve them. Call us today!

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Posted: Jun 27, 2016
Updated: Oct 08, 2019
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