Why You Should Outsource Your Ongoing Marketing to Professionals

Why You Should Outsource Your Ongoing Marketing to Professionals

Companies with and without marketing staff should outsource ongoing marketing tasks to professionals.

If you are running a company, you want to stay focused on the larger strategy and operations. If you run a marketing function within a company, you want to focus on the strategic marketing challenges—not the ongoing marketing tasks.

In either of these cases, it makes more sense to outsource your ongoing marketing tasks to a professional, experienced marketing firm.

Outsourcing your ongoing marketing ensures that the everyday tasks are done on time, professionally and yet affordably, and to the highest performance.

Hiring Professionals is More Budget-Friendly

Done correctly, marketing requires several skill sets. No single person can expertly write, design, develop and program, do social media, and create strategies and plans.

Add up salaries and benefits for even one person, and you’ll see a significant increase in your costs. Given that quality marketing requires more than one person, the numbers will skyrocket—especially with salaries for certain skill sets pushing well into the six figures.

When you hire a marketing company to handle your ongoing marketing, you can get all the skillsets you need for a monthly investment far lower than the salary burden of a single midrange employee.

Voila! Much better marketing with much higher return on investment—and for a lot lower expense.


Hiring Professionals Keeps You Focused

Writing text for your website and articles, white papers, case studies, and beyond. Designing e-mail templates and drafting e-mail marketing text and graphics—and then sending all of it out on time and calibrating future e-mail marketing based on results. Creating graphics and infographics and slideshows and video and keeping everything visually dynamic. Updating key information on your website and on your company’s public web listings.

We could go on.

Keeping your ongoing marketing running and performing takes a considerable amount of time. Even if you have an internal marketing team, it can easily get pulled into other, more critical tasks than the ongoing marketing basics (which have critical importance to your company’s growth).

Hiring a marketing firm to handle your ongoing marketing allows your team to focus on critical projects and goals and ensures that your ongoing marketing continues to perform and pay dividends.

With outside professionals handling your marketing, you know that everything is executed properly at the highest possible level. That’s peace of mind.

Hiring Professionals Keeps Your Marketing at its Best

A professional marketing firm only survives if it stays up to date with trends, technologies, and other changes in the world of marketing.

Between new updates from Google, to new trends in how audiences respond to marketing messages and tactics, to new software and technologies to automate and measure and plan campaigns, to staying educated about all the different social media—and beyond—staying on top of marketing best practices is an ongoing effort.

When you hire a professional marketing firm, you get trained experts who stay constantly in the know about marketing best practices. Even better, these marketing professionals are focused on bringing their knowledge to bear on helping to grow your company.

Opting for High-Performance Marketing Packages

With decades of experience in marketing, we noted a few trends. One of them is that many businesses neglect their own ongoing marketing, especially when they try to do it in house.

When you outsource your marketing to professionals like FrogDog, you give yourself the freedom to focus on the tasks that only you can do. When you focus on letting your team members do what they do best, your company can soar.

FrogDog designed its marketing packages to support companies that don’t have marketing internally and companies that do have marketing internally. Companies without marketing staff need to get marketing done correctly. Companies with marketing staff need more hands and skillsets than it makes sense to bring in house full time.

FrogDog’s marketing packages help businesses by streamlining their marketing efforts and improving their marketing’s performance. Our goal is to help businesses grow and thrive through well executed marketing.

Contact us to learn more about how FrogDog can help your company.

Posted: Mar 31, 2020
Updated: May 11, 2020
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