Should My Company Outsource its Marketing?

Should My Company Outsource its Marketing?

Companies looking to expand their current marketing departments or that don’t have marketing departments can outsource their marketing to experts.

Companies who don't have a marketing department or companies who are looking to free up time for their current marketing department should look to outsource their ongoing marketing to an agency.

Hiring a marketing firm to handle your everyday marketing and larger marketing campaigns is a fantastic way to free up your team’s time and to ensure that your marketing is done consistently and to the highest quality possible.

Companies without a Marketing Department

If your company isn't large enough to have a marketing department, hiring a professional firm to handle your marketing makes it possible for you to tap into a fully-fledged marketing team quickly and for a fraction of the cost and time involved in even hiring one person (who won’t have all the marketing experience you need, anyway).

Why bring in professional marketing help when you can hand off pieces of your marketing to different members of your team?

Here’s why: Outsourcing your marketing to skilled marketing experts at a professional marketing firm will allow you and your team to focus on the core of your jobs and not get sidetracked by marketing tasks. When you can focus on what you do best, your company will thrive.

Further, hiring a professional marketing agency like FrogDog ensures that your company’s marketing is done consistently, accurately, and professionally. Starting marketing internally without carrying it forward on a regular basis—a common problem when everyone has other primary roles in the business—can hurt your company’s image.

And if your company hasn’t done any marketing to date, you’re inevitably losing business and market share. Time to add marketing to your company and accelerate your business growth!

Companies Needing Extra Marketing Help

Even companies with internal marketing teams need to outsource parts of their marketing to outside marketing experts.

Here’s why: No marketing team has limitless capacity and no marketing team has every skill needed to do every aspect of marketing. Even the largest firms in the world bring in outside help.

Here are times when companies with marketing staff bring in outside marketing help:

  • When it makes more sense to use the internal team on higher-level marketing needs, not the basic, ongoing marketing tasks that every business requires.
  • When the marketing team hits a hectic period—all business calendars ebb and flow!—and needs extra hands to get the work done during the push.
  • When the company would like outside insights and implementation support for a critical business initiative, like a product or service launch, a new-market entry, or a repositioning.
  • When the internal team doesn’t have certain skill sets needed for marketing success—and it doesn’t make sense to hire them internally.
  • When the internal marketing team focuses on sales support functions and the general-marketing functions are better suited to outside expertise.

And we could go on!

Hire a Marketing Partner, Not a Marketing Vender

Your marketing team should be a true business partner for your company and employees—not just a vendor you pay each month. A quality marketing firm will ask probing questions and align your marketing activity with your business goals and objectives.

FrogDog is a partner to its clients, not a vendor. We work with our clients and truly get to know their businesses so we can help them maximize their marketing dollars and programs.

Contact us to learn how we can help your company today or click here to view our marketing packages.

Posted: Jan 28, 2020
Updated: Apr 02, 2020
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