When Will I See Results on My Marketing?

When Will I See Results on My Marketing?

Marketing takes time, but how much time? Here are a few factors for getting timely marketing results.

As marketers, one of the most important things we want our clients to understand is that marketing can take time to deliver on key business goals. Our strategies involve thorough research that helps us to provide a plan that delivers the best results. And while sometimes you may feel like you are waiting on these goals to be met, if planned and executed correctly, you will see results.

The Time Needed to See Results

The truth is that it depends. It depends on your audience, your tactics, the timing, your product or service, the market, the competitive landscape, and many other factors.

At FrogDog, we evaluate these considerations along with the key business goals and ensure that the marketing tactics are only selected if they will work toward achieving those goals.

We do this through the following steps:

  • Analyzing previous marketing results
  • Reviewing case-studies of similar product or services
  • Researching current awareness levels
  • Assessing metrics against results from past campaign experience

FrogDog wants to achieve your goals as much as you do; therefore, we take the time to research and analyze the best ways to reach your goals.

Continually monitoring these metrics assists in predicting most effectively how and when you will achieve your business goals.

Keep on Top of It

Most marketing is not something you can push “go” on and then ignore and expect the best. Consistent monitoring and adjusting is imperative for good campaigns. This applies to all tactics—direct mail, social media, geotargeting, content marketing, and so many others.

Be aware of the response or nonresponse of your tactics so that you can be ready to make the changes needed to reach your goals. There is no one way to market, so tweaks will always be available to modify your campaign for the better.

But you will need to know what to look for. These could be observations such as the following:

  • Nonengagement on social media on certain posts, while other posts receive many likes or comments.
  • E-mail messages with particular subject lines get opened more frequently than others.
  • E-mail messages get a lot of opens, but few clicks.
  • Hits to the designated website for a direct mailer, but no more action than a visit.

These observations provide valuable information for reassessing and reviewing your marketing campaign so that you can make qualified amendments.

Where are My Leads?

The time required for a prospect to see an ad and take action can be a bit scary. Some marketers have said it requires three touches to make a sale, some say five, and some even say twenty. This is a prime opportunity to monitor and optimize your marketing.

If your ads have been running for a while, make sure to investigate what is happening to your current ads. For example:

  • Impressions are high and clicks are low: You should look into a better call to action or strategic placement.
  • Clicks are high, but you get no calls or purchases: It’s time to look at what is causing prospects to stop and review your landing page.

Patience is a Virtue. Strategy is a Must.

To see the results you want and ensure that you are not waiting on nothing is to start with a winning strategy and continually monitor the results from your planned, coordinated efforts.

FrogDog works with all kinds of companies to develop strategies to achieve the best possible results. Call us today!

Posted: Feb 22, 2016
Updated: Oct 08, 2019
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