Media Relations

Infographic: 5 Tips Executives Should Have Handy When a Reporter Calls

Though calls from media can be exciting, they can be just as equally stressful. FrogDog's quick-reference infographic will keep top of mind key tips on how to respond when reporters call.

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Media Relations, Press Releases, News Items: What Do I Need?

You have company news. What’s the best option to spread the word? A press release, right?

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The Dangers of Wading into the Conversation

It’s tempting to put your company into the public debate, but is it wise?

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Building Relationships Is Key to Media Relations in the Digital Age

While use of technology is key to media relations in the 21stcentury, relationship building is still the key to effective digital-age media relations.

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How to Pitch to Trade Journalists

What are the best practices for pitching stories about your company, products, and services to journalists in your industry?

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Video News Releases: What, Why, and How?

What's a video news release? Should you do one? If so, how?

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When a Reporter Calls: 5 Tips Executives Should Have Handy

Every company wants media coverage, yet when a reporter calls out of the blue, few companies know how to respond. Use these five tips to expertly handle media calls.

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White Papers

Crisis Communication in Health Care: Developing Plans That Work

Health care organizations face many of the same operational risks as other companies—employee errors, executive malfeasance, natural disasters, and so forth. Other issues l . . .

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Today, media relations are likely more complicated than ever before. With the plethora of media outlets, quick news cycles, and scattered audiences, is it possible to make modern media work for your business and marketing goals? Learn how your relationship with the media can affect your marketing strategy, story, and budget.