Infographic: Five Essential KPIs for Recruitment Marketing

Marketing to recruit the best candidates for your company is money well spent—yet you should still ensure you invest wisely. FrogDog's quick-reference infographic will keep key recruitment marketing KPIs top of mind.

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Vanity Metrics: A Cautionary Tale

Avoid vanity metrics to save time, money, and ensure your marketing achieves your marketing goals.

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When Will I See Results on My Marketing?

Marketing takes time, but how much time? How long will you need marketing to run before your company sees results?

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More Accurate Measurement: Selecting Relevant Marketing Metrics

Many companies struggle to find a good way to prove the value of their marketing efforts. With the right marketing metrics, however, it’s easy to measure your results!

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White Papers

What are Marketing and Communications Worth? Measuring Results against Business Goals

In today’s tight economy, more business leaders say they want to see proof of marketing and communications results, but very few companies hold their marketing departments . . .

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From likes on social media to clicks on a webpage, your marketing measures will tell you how successful you are at engaging with your audience. Depending on your marketing goals, the method by which you measure the success of your plan will vary. Find out which metrics will work for you and your business, what to avoid, and when to expect to start seeing results.